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Orthodontics is one of the fields of dentistry that have been developed in order to deal with “malocclusions.”  This is described as “irregular contact of opposing teeth in the upper and lower jaws.” In other words, orthodontics will deal with crooked and misaligned teeth. The American Association of Orthodontists has reported that up to 75% of Americans deal with this issue on some level.


There are aesthetic and practical reasons that it is beneficial to deal with crooked and misaligned teeth.

Here are some benefits to consider as you consult with your dentist about possible treatment plans:

A good treatment plan will give you a beautiful smile to share with the world. Never underestimate what a great smile can accomplish!
Teeth that have been straightened or realigned can help you chew your food properly. This also aids the digestive process.
Straight teeth are much less vulnerable to cracking or breaking.
Straight teeth are beneficial to your jawbone.
Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean through your oral hygiene process.

An orthodontist receives additional training to help you develop a personalized treatment plan that will help you reach specific goals and objectives. If you will follow this plan with dedication, you will find great success in reaching the desired goals.