Protect Your Teeth!

We live in a very active society with many adults and young people being involved in a variety of physical activity and sports. In many of these cases, your dentist will recommend that you wear an athletic mouth guard in order to protect your teeth during these activities.

Mouth guards consist of flexible plastic that is molded to fit inside your mouth and over your teeth. The plastic buffer offers protection to your teeth and your jaw in the event that there is physical contact or jarring in the mouth area. As an added benefit, they also offer protection for the soft tissue that is found in your tongue, cheek, and lips.

Why Get A Custom Athletic Mouth Guard?

While there are basic, stock mouth guards that may be found at sporting goods stores and department stores, the most effective options will come from your dentist. These will fit your mouth more uniquely and will therefore provide a more comfortable and effective protection. The first step will be for your dentist to make an impression of your teeth. This impression is sent to a laboratory where a custom-fit mouth guard is molded just for you. This professional design will allow the individual requirements of your mouth and teeth to be met.

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