We all know that there are upsides and downsides of any piece of technology, you can FaceTime your family member who is deployed overseas but the wear and tear on your eyes can be exhausting. Our modern day cars run on computer chips but can be hacked by computer experts. In the field of dentistry, however, technology is always our friend.

Canyon Crest Dental is proud to implement one of the newest pieces of technology in our industry known as Biolase®. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, a laser. This technology has been in different medical fields all around the world and has proven to be a safer and more effective alternative for patients that are receiving various types of procedures.

Biolase® Technology

This specific technology from Biolase® that is used in our office has been designed exclusively for the dental field and has gone through copious amounts of studies and trials, proving to be an extremely effective alternative to other procedure options. Biolase® can be used for many types of applications such as; lesions in the mouth, deep cleanings and to help patients fight varying stages of periodontal disease.

Our team of dental professionals is highly trained with Biolase® technology & stay on top of any updates while also attending various continued education classes, these are needed in order to operate at maximum efficiency and comfort for our patients.

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