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  • I have a great experience with Canyon Crest Dental. Monica & Kristy are very friendly, efficient, and professional. Both of them are well experience and I feel so happy whenever I met them. The office is cleaned and safe all the time. At first, I was scared to go there during Pandemic period. However, Canyon Crest Dental is good taking care of. I recommend to this dental office to anyone.

    Nandar Win Avatar
    Nandar Win

    I had a great experience with Canyon Crest Dental. I went for an exam and cleaning. They were all very friendly, professional and efficient. The entire staff that we encountered were great from start to finish. I would like to especially thank Giselle, Belinda, and Dr. Brent for doing such an excellent job. I would recommend them if you are looking for a new dental office.

    Jeff Lane Avatar
    Jeff Lane

    Like most people, visiting the dentist scared me after not going in so long. But the people here were so friendly and helpful the entire experience was very welcoming. I went in for a filling this past week and Ariana, Irma, and Dr. Brent did a fantastic job easing my nerves and getting the job done. I definitely recommend this place to anyone searching for a dentist for themselves or family!

    Darius Cole Avatar
    Darius Cole
  • I am absolutely terrified of going to the dentist , but the staff here are so friendly and talk you through each step of what they're doing. Bianca did my x-rays and made it as simple as possible. Jamie was my hygienist and listened to my concerns and walked me through everything before and during my cleaning. When I felt pain, she stopped and let that area be instead of just forcing me to deal with it. Which is not something I'm used to with any previous dentists I've been to. I had Dr. Brent and she was absolutely nice as well. She explained my treatment plan thoroughly and let me ask as many questions as I needed. The whole team was very mindful and made sure I was comfortable. Definitely recommend this office!

    Amber Wycuff Avatar
    Amber Wycuff

    Recently I came in for my routine hygiene & cleaning work. Tiffany & Jerusalem were outstanding.
    Had some work that I’ve been putting off for a while that needed to be done. Scheduled an appointment. Needed a crown and a filling done. Came back to have those done and the team of Vivi & Irma, for the initial appointment were thorough and patient during a long time in the chair. My follow up appointment Jessica and Monica were just as outstanding top work, gracious and to the point.
    Of Course Dr. Leoni is a professional who makes you feel extremely at ease. 👍 🦷

    John Gilles Avatar
    John Gilles

    Great place to be for dental needs. Just found my home dentist after years of looking. Great environment and great staff. Very accommodating and knowledgeable. Had an appointment further out but they were able to get me in sooner. No shame no guilt just friendly and knowledgeable staff that want to help me get my dental needs met. Great hygienist too. She spent extra time getting the areas that needed more attention. I was shy because I feel my teeth could look better. Would definitely recommend this place.

    Alex Schwarz Avatar
    Alex Schwarz
  • Dr.Brent is the best. You can actually fall asleep while she is working on your teeth. She is so smooth and gentle. Monica and Ariana were the assistants. They were absolutely pleasant, helpful and gentle. When I asked questions, they bent over backwards to get me the answers I needed. I would like to thank all of them for being so amazing.

    Mike Padwa Avatar
    Mike Padwa

    I have to admit I am not a fan of Dentist. This was my first time here to get some dental work done. Monica, Jessica, and Dr. Brent were all fabulous and did a great job. Very professional, and courteous staff. This is a nice up to date dental office that has a friendly touch to it. Definitely recommend...

    Ray Barba Avatar
    Ray Barba

    Best dental practice I’ve experienced. The staff is friendly and easy to ask questions. I’ve had multiple hygienist but today I had Angie and she was terrific. Candy from the front desk was very helpful in answering my questions. Clean and aesthetic environment. Would recommend.

    Rolando Medina Avatar
    Rolando Medina

  • 5 star ratingI chose this dental office after (embarrassingly) a few years of skipping the dentist. Dr. Leoni was incredibly gentle and had impeccable bedside manner. I was fortunate to have minimal dental needs and my hygienist, Jamie, as well as Dr. Leoni didn't try to push unnecessary treatments on me, as has been my experience with other dentists. I was able to get everything taken care of n the same day and it was painless and pleasant. I had such a positive experience that I don't think I'll be pushing off my dentist appointments anymore.

    Latisha W. Avatar
    Latisha W.

    5 star ratingI'm super thankful for this place and it's staff! Once upon a time my husband decided to wrestle with the pavement--he lost! We were able to get seen immediately and replace a broken tooth. Fast forward, dad needed surgery but not without a Dentist's okay first. Same day appointment and we were able to schedule surgery!

    I am super loyal, so it took a lot to ditch my old dentist. I've been coming here for 2 years now and I'm sure to recommend Dr. Leoni and Dr. Merrihew (I think that's the name--husband's dentist) to all.

    I believe Karen was the name of the tech/hygienist that helped dad today. Thank you for treating my dad kindly during a difficult time.

    D M. Avatar
    D M.

    5 star ratingMost gentle cleaning ever. I really didn't want to do it but it went surprisingly well. Thank you again to the staff. From start to finish they are so pleasant and soothing. Also had a perm crown put on and it also went well. The Dr talked me through everything and she was very thorough fitting the crown perfectly. All smiles here.

    Coco C. Avatar
    Coco C.
  • 5 star ratingI love this office. They always run on time. I had an appt on a saturday morning and it was so great, they took me in on time and they were so quick, yet efficient, I was out of there and able to enjoy the rest of the day. The doctor even called me monday morning to see how I was doing after the procedure. You should check them out, you"ll thank yourself for deciding to.

    Shirle' B. Avatar
    Shirle' B.

    5 star ratingI have been going to CCD since 2015. I kept hearing their radio add on KFRG, a local country station, and I finally made an appointment. After years of neglect due to a fear of needles, I knew I needed more than just a deep cleaning.
    The hygienist was super understanding and I was told that I could have nitrous if I wanted it to help calm my nerves. That alone was exactly what I needed to get past my fear. After X-Ray's and a deep cleaning Dr. Leoni did my exam and we set up a plan for getting a few fillings and replacing old crowns. Sent
    Fast forward to 2019 and I'm still so incredibly happy with this office and their awesome staff. Last year I was finally able to convince my husband to try them. Now he grew up in the 60's seeing some military dentists that were not so focused on patient comfort. It took a lot to finally get him there...actually an infection made the decision for him!
    He also sees Dr. Leoni and is very happy with him. He has had nothing but positive experiences since he started. So if anyone reading this needs to see a dentist, please try Canyon Crest Dental!

    Brenda B. Avatar
    Brenda B.

    5 star ratingViviana and Dr. Leoni were amazing!! The best experience I've ever had at a dentist !! Very gentle and friendly. Will be returning soon

    Jeremy G. Avatar
    Jeremy G.
  • 5 star ratingThis is by far the best dental office I've ever been.
    Everyone here does a fantastic job, as a patient I couldn't ask for anything more. Each person is kind and helpful.
    The work done here is very professional with all the top technology. Each station is very clean and proficient for a job well done.

    And a shout out to Karla for all your help, job well done Karla!

    Moses C. Avatar
    Moses C.

    5 star ratingJust came to the dentist which I have been to in forever. Amazing friendly staff. Makes you feel like a person they introduce themselves and make you feel very comfortable and welcome. Dr Brent is very friendly. Dr Rachelle was friendly too. Bianca made me laugh while getting my X-rays. Linda was awesome and informative. Defiantly recommend this place and will be back.

    Jake K. Avatar
    Jake K.

    5 star ratingI just can't begin to tell you guys how amazing and professional you all are! I hate the dentist and every time I've gone in the staff have all been very helpful and kind. The doctors and amazing and they make you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend this dental office.

    Genevieve A. Avatar
    Genevieve A.