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How are lasers used in Herpetic Lesions (cold sores)?

Gentle laser dentistry focuses the power of lasers on the herpetic lesions (cold sores). Cold sores can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and un-aesthetic. They generally break out in response to trauma or whenever physical or psychological stress levels spike.

Once you experience the tell-tale tingling sensation, it’s only a matter of time before a full-blown sore appears. Then healing can take as long as two weeks, and quality of life may be significantly compromised. Therefore it is critical to begin laser treatment before the sore has had a chance to develop. Catch it in time with laser therapy and the sore will not break out.

What about Apthous Ulcers (canker sores)?

Laser treatment is very effective on pathos ulcers (canker sores) for the same reasons. The stinging sensation is eliminated in seconds and healing is rapid and uneventful. Lasers are used to facilitate healing other oral soft tissue trauma, such as:

-Irritation from orthodontic wires
-Denture sores
-Extraction sores
-Extraction sites
-Periodontal therapy

And many other applications

What are the benefits of laser in treating cold sores and canker sores?

-It is high tech yet surprisingly affordable and insurance reimbursable.
-Phototonic Laser Energy destroys the virus responsible for the sore.
-Most of our patients who are treated when the lip starts tingling never develop a sore.
-Profound relief is immediate.
-If the sore has already broken out, it will progress no further after treatment.
-Not only will the lip get back to normal more quickly, but it will remain more comfortable during the healing process.
-Each laser treatment takes just a few minutes.
-The laser’s light energy promotes healing through gentle “photo-biostimulation” deep within the lip.
-After treatment sores reoccur with less frequency and less intensity at the same location.
-There is virtually not discomfort during or following laser treatment of cold sores.

Why laser?

Laser treatment is state of the art technology. With our portable laser instruments, we can see patients with cold sores on a moment’s notice. Give us a call as soon as you feel one starting. Prompt and efficient laser treatment can help you to get back on track feeling and looking your best. You’ll be ready to face the world again because once you’ve tried it, you won’t stop smiling!
Frankly, laser therapy will be better than anything you’ve ever tried- period. It’s in a league of its own when compared to over the counter remedies and it outperforms antiviral prescription medication.
Treatment is accomplished very quickly and comfortably, without need for anesthetic. In fact the only sensation that may be experienced is a warm feeling on the lip.
After just a few minutes, you will be on your way out the door.

Laser education

Advanced Laser Training, Inc. is a company dedicated to advancing and enhancing patient dental health by providing training on the safe and effective use of dental lasers. The World Clinical Laser Institute and the Academy of Laser Dentistry are organizations of leading clinicians, researchers, and academicians devoted to clinical education, research and the development of standards and guidelines for the safe and effective use of lasers. If you have more questions about lasers in dentistry visit the World Clinical Laser Institute website at or the Academy of Laser Dentistry’s website at

Patient Education

Read our brochure on Laser Herpetic Lesion & Apthous Ulcer Treatment to learn more.